Enjoy the Experimenting


I have started the Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics online course offered by Karen Rohlf with Dressage, Naturally.

I didn’t realize when I signed up just how much experimenting would be going on on a daily basis… and wow, is it fun!

Now that I’ve been experimenting, I’m finding the path to new experiments. In other words, once you start experimenting, the fun just keeps on going.

While experimenting with Hope, I’m beginning to find the pieces necessary to have healthy, fluid movement… and I’m sure now that it is attainable. Now that I’m consistently seeing glimpses, and occasionally big changes, I know that doing Dressage with her will be possible.

(Of course, it will not be the exact “by the book” progression of Dressage, because it will need to be progression of healthy movement, relaxation, balance, energy, and experimentation for Hope. I believe this forced personalized approach is truly a gift, though… because real Dressage should be approached for every individual horse and rider.)

While experimenting with Cherish, I’m beginning to find a new meaning for relaxation. I didn’t even know we were lacking in the relaxation category, but now that I’m beginning to find it, I’m beginning to realize how much relaxation we both need to find and improve on.

With experimenting, so much of it is experimenting from the inside out. What do I mean? I’m often experimenting with how I perceive, approach, and react to things. Karen Rohlf’s program is not just improving horses – it’s improving humans, too… which means me.

I expect that I’ll go deeper and deeper into my understanding of a Wellness Based approach and the how-to in the advancing and developing stages of Wellness Based Horsemanship.

Published by Kara Cumberton

Wellness and horses are my things. I'm a rider, a bodyworker, and a college student studying integrative health and wellness. I also love nature, yoga, my dog, art, writing, and cooking.

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