Horse Hiking

Monday my mom and I took the girls hiking.

We decided ahead of time that we would set it up for calmness and take it slow getting prepared and getting the horses ready. When we brought the horses out of the trailer, we had hang out time.

We brushed them, petted and scratched them, did breathing exercises, some massage/bodywork, let them meet some people who asked if their kids could pet them, and just enjoyed ourselves.

The hike was wonderful. Both Cherish and Hope were super calm. As we went along, my mom and I were letting them sniff things, stop to check things out, and stop to paw things if they wanted to. They were so happy to have that extra room to just be horses and check everything out.

I hopped on both Cherish and Hope with the bareback pad and my helmet a few times, and my mom hopped on Cherish once. Hope was completely sound the whole time, and as I rode Cherish behind her I noticed HOW MUCH Hope’s back and hind end were moving and swinging, and how even the movement was. I was really happy with this. When I rode Hope, she was connected and happy and calm. She felt really in her body and balanced and happy.

It was a wonderful day!

Published by Kara Cumberton

Wellness and horses are my things. I'm a rider, a bodyworker, and a college student studying integrative health and wellness. I also love nature, yoga, my dog, art, writing, and cooking.

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