Easter, the little things, and loving the imperfect journey

Happy Easter everyone!

This morning, my mom and I had a lovely little morning tea time out next to the horses to celebrate Easter. We were sharing thoughts and ideas and talking about what Easter meant to us… kind of like spring’s New Year, and talking about just “being”, and love, and kindness, and the everyday beautiful stuff of life.

easter puppies (2).jpg

I read a poem that I had written the night before about being fully present and enjoying different little moments of life, and metaphorically planting a path of flowers that led to a secret garden that was no longer secret, where I flung the door open and invited everyone to play or sit in my garden of a little bit of everything. We read one of my favorite childrens’ books–Everyday Angels–about how “angels” are everywhere, in the peaceful moments, in nature, in love, and in little acts of kindness. I lingered on each page long after I had finished reading it to admire the beautiful art, just as I did as a child. We listened to a song called “This Sweet Love” about just being and sweet love… we laughed, and told stories, and sat next to each other while breathing in Heartflow, and fully appreciating the sky, and the beautiful warm breeze, the little spring flowers, and the sweet smell of baby grass and clover, our joyful dogs who were running about and periodically visiting with us, and each others’ company.

Easter Nale
Finale checking in to see what all the Easter stuff is about.

We talked about how grateful we are for our wonderful horses, and admired their beauty. I mentioned that it’s easy, with starting Wellness Based Horsemanship, to have moments of being concerned about what others will think of your horses, your practice, and your training just by looking at pictures or the movement of your horse. We talked about how others probably often feel similarly–and how as we feel self-conscious about ourselves, many of us simultaneously reach out with full encouragement and support to our equally less-than-perfect friends, trainers, and even strangers who share this amazing love of horses.

This Easter, I’d love for you to feel the spring season, and the everyday beautiful things, and love and kindness, and also to reflect on your relationship with your horses and yourself… Despite all of us not being “perfect,” or still not moving “perfectly,” give yourself the gift of the same support and encouragement that you would so readily give to someone else. Our own horses have given us so much knowledge, love, and experience. They have taught me what it means to approach horsemanship and wellness with horses not just from the perspective of wanting to improve performance, but also from the perspective of sincerely wanting to help my friends (both four and two-legged) feel and live better–with more openness, confidence, and joy. The truth is, you never “get there” with your horses… there are always things that can be improved. And what a joy that is–to be on a journey of growth with another beautiful, imperfect partner.



Published by Kara Cumberton

Wellness and horses are my things. I'm a rider, a bodyworker, and a college student studying integrative health and wellness. I also love nature, yoga, my dog, art, writing, and cooking.

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