Horses and Connection

I’ve been doing a bit of an experiment for the past week or so where I do whatever I think I should maybe do… Rather than disregarding the little thought inside of my head, I try my best to do it with the time that I have.

I’ve been sick the past few days, so everything’s been a little harder to manage. The other day, I had the inkling that perhaps I should go walk out to the horses for a minute. It turned out that Cherish needed her hooves to be trimmed. I was able to trim the front two, which needed it the most, and then play with her some at the walk. It was such a beautiful time.

I’ve also had inklings of ideas that I should meditate, or go for a short walk, or breathe deeper, or call someone, or text a friend, or dance with ribbons, or do yoga… or even just be more present in the moment. These little thoughts are usually centered around connection.

Recently, with this listening to the little nudges, I’ve also been getting some bigger nudges… One in particular–a bigger nudge to let my spiritual journey and my horse journey intertwine deeper.

I realized that my body, in being sick and sensitive, has been trying to tell me something for the past few months (I’ve had yucky days or weeks off and on at different periods). Not unlike me, I’ve been cramming in way too many things for the sake of education. I’ve learned so many things that I haven’t had adequate time to truly use any of it. It’s all in the mechanical and technical part of my brain, before it becomes a part of my heart and natural movement. My horses have noticed this, I’ve noticed this, my heart has noticed this… but until I started listening to those nudges I wasn’t really feeling it. I found how much I need to connect more, how much I need to allow these things I’ve learned to deeply become a part of my being.

Hope connection
A moment of beautiful connection the other day with Hope… who happens to be very excellent at letting me know when I am or am not connected.

Naturally, central to our journeys with our horses is connection. We all want to have beautiful, meaningful connection with our beloved friends–but how can we when we can’t even connect to ourselves? How can we have the most beautiful connection to our horses when we ourselves can’t live in a state of connection?

The way you find that state of being connected, present, and full of heart, able to be a guider and a leader and a friend, feeling and giving and receiving… the way you find all of that is up to you. But for me, for now, I believe my next step is to allow my spiritual journey and my journey with my horses to intertwine. I believe that the horses are quite powerful spiritual teachers. Who is more connected to the earth, the heart, and the herd than a horse?

True, horses can also get disconnected… but perhaps if we start to help them find connection, we will find that we also have to find more ability to connect in ourselves to help them. Either way–whether your horse is already connected or whether you are both teaching and giving each other feedback–I encourage you to learn to be connected from one of the most sensitive and connection-driven beings I know… your horse. Your friend.

I may write some of what I learn as I go along… Know that my spiritual journey is a personal one, and that what you find for yourself with your horse, whether you’re highlighting the spiritual and connection side or not, will always be unique and beautiful to you.

To be discovered…


With Love,


Published by Kara Cumberton

Wellness and horses are my things. I'm a rider, a bodyworker, and a college student studying integrative health and wellness. I also love nature, yoga, my dog, art, writing, and cooking.

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