About Kara

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist who works with horses and riders using bodywork and movement therapies, specializing in Residual Strain Therapy (a fascia release method), positional release, myofascial techniques, and somatic movement therapy.

My intention is to help people and horses move and feel better in their bodies in a way that promotes long-term soundness, health, and happiness. In the process, I also hope to help people deepen their awareness and appreciation toward themselves and their horses.

I came to this career path because my horses and I each suffered from our own unique health problems. Believing there had to be better options, I began to study mind-body therapies, functionally healthy movement, psychology concepts, anatomy, biomechanics, and fascia. My obsession for finding a way to help myself and my horses grew to a passion for helping others and their horses. I am always striving to learn more about how the nervous system and the body function so I can create techniques that support each individual towards optimal balance.

My education:

I received a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies for Applied Psychology and Holistic Health from UMass, Amherst in 2019.

I began studying bodywork in 2013 and received my Massage License in the state of Tennessee in 2016.

I have taken over 700 hours in continuing education in bodywork methods for horses and people and am constantly pursuing self-study and taking courses in anatomy, biomechanics, fascia, biotensegrity, movement, somatic methods, wellness-oriented horse training and riding, and holistic and positive psychology concepts.

To learn more about the modalities I have studied and the courses I have taken, please visit my education page.