Human Sessions


The sessions are done fully clothed on a massage table. Bolsters are available to ensure comfort. I always start with a full assessment and check-in. You will be an active participant in your session, noticing sensations and gently, slowly moving throughout the session. Consent and communication about comfort, touch, and feelings about the work is paramount to me.

I also incorporate processing time in my sessions. We will pause, breathe, feel our bodies together, and often get up and move around to feel the changes and sensations. For sensitive humans, this also allows us to end the session when your body is telling us there has been enough input for today so that we don’t overdo it.

Additional bodywork tools can be used to facilitate awareness and gentle releasing. Part of the session may be done seated, standing, or moving, to promote awareness, relaxation, and shifting of movement and posture.

Average sessions last 1-1.5 hours to allow for time for all of the good stuff. Standard sessions are $100.

Human sessions are held in my sweet little office in Cleveland, TN inside of the Bradley Square Mall. There is a yoga space, massage studio, and a bathroom in the space. I am currently not traveling to see clients.

Covid Precautions and Risk Management

Covid precautions are being taken. Clients are expected to wear masks from the time they enter to the time they exit the space. All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in between sessions. Hand sanitizer, hand sanitizing wipes, and a nearby sink are available. Space is made between sessions and I have a small client base right now and am actively taking precautions and minimizing contact outside of work as well. We have to keep our community safe, and I work and interact with the immuno-compromised on a regular basis as well as being disabled myself.

If you think you may have been exposed or are feeling any symptoms, please cancel, even if it is last minute. If you come in expressing that you have been exposed or are feeling symptoms, the session will be terminated immediately and we can reschedule for a later date.

I do work in a space where group classes are held outside of the massage studio space and in the larger rooms. If this concerns you please reach out to me to discuss safety concerns. I only want everyone to feel and be comfortable and safe, so if we need to postpone that is okay. I am not doing house-calls currently.