Bodywork and Movement Therapy

Types of Work

Gentle fascia work can work with deeper layers without creating pain.

Somatic and body-awareness work can help with posture, balance, and helping you find a sense of calm.

Energy work can help you feel better, can help restore some balance and reduce stress, and can also help restore some vitality and internal sense of health to different body areas.

Body Listening is a phrase I’m starting to use for listening to any area/tissue of the body. It’s work I’m developing and is based partially on osteopathic listening techniques. Often this work is slow. I pause, hold space, may integrate some energy work, but mostly just help support and provide feedback and awareness so that you and your body can find relaxation and do the unwinding/rebalancing.


The therapy that I offer is integrative. I weave different modalities together while taking cues and listening to each individual on what they need the most in each moment. Much of my work is focused around the understanding that our minds, bodies, emotions, dreams, stressors, and lives are all tightly interwoven. We and our horses are more connected to our environment, how we respond to it, and each other than we know. Knowing about and taking advantage of these connections so we can tune in more deeply and release tension, using our positivity resonance, relaxation, and awareness to our benefit, means that everything in life can be therapeutic–not just your one hour therapy session. Everything will be at your pace. If you’re here for pain relief, and pain relief only, I’m open to sharing whatever you think will help you the most. No pressure, no pain, no forcing changes you don’t want to embrace.

This is your and your horse’s healing process. Not mine. Not anyone else’s. More than anything else, I’m here to listen, and support.

Answering Questions about My Work

(yo, note to self, don’t forget to answer)

What do I mean when I say my work is gentle and somatic in nature?

What is the fascia release work that I do? And what do I mean when I say fascia listening?

What does energy work to me, and how are mindfulness and consent brought in?

What are my values when it comes to working with horses, consent, and awareness of them as sentient individuals?

What do I consider to be “restorative movement”? How do I integrate that into my practice and how do I plan to expand it in the future?