Offering Yourself Space & Time

For those who know me, most of them already know that I need alone time, or at least quiet time. What I’m realizing recently is I didn’t realize just how much of it I sometimes need to truly thrive. Needing time to unwind is not about not liking people or being introverted. It’s not thatContinue reading “Offering Yourself Space & Time”

Getting Back On Your Feet

I make it no secret that I’ve experienced health problems–you can find it right in my bio. The past several months have been full of excitement, growth, and travel. When I’m home, I’m working, learning with my horses, practicing bodywork, or researching something. I enjoy moving. I relish in doing things I love–especially since forContinue reading “Getting Back On Your Feet”

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Mom!

As a kid, I would often walk up to my mom, wrap my arms around her, and tell her, “Mommy, I love you. You’re my favorite mom.” It’s still true. My mom is a beautiful, kind lady… she helps everyone everywhere she goes. She’s my best friend, my biggest supporter, and my best horse friendContinue reading “Happy Birthday to my Favorite Mom!”

Taking Care of Yourself v. Wishing for Something Different

The idea of taking care of yourself versus wishing for something different. When you have the intention of taking care of yourself, it’s out of love. It feels good. Your movements or care-taking practices are centered around making sure that you are and feel supported to enjoy your life… so you can move, breathe, feel,Continue reading “Taking Care of Yourself v. Wishing for Something Different”

Mind-Body Tools for Anxiety and Stress

When you have anxiety or stress (whether general and all the time or over one event), there are a lot of free resources out there. There’s nothing wrong with being stressed–it’s a natural reaction. When we feel stressed, we’re doing our best to take care of and protect ourselves… but sometimes we get a littleContinue reading “Mind-Body Tools for Anxiety and Stress”

Growing Organically (and I don’t mean food)

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with growth–that is, not just doing it, but the way you do it. When I want to grow in a certain direction, I tend to overthink it. Then I work toward it–but it never seems like it’s happening quickly enough. It might be slow, or disorganized,Continue reading “Growing Organically (and I don’t mean food)”

Easter, the little things, and loving the imperfect journey

Happy Easter everyone! This morning, my mom and I had a lovely little morning tea time out next to the horses to celebrate Easter. We were sharing thoughts and ideas and talking about what Easter meant to us… kind of like spring’s New Year, and talking about just “being”, and love, and kindness, and theContinue reading “Easter, the little things, and loving the imperfect journey”

Moving Forward, New Beginnings

My mom and I are beginning to shift the direction of Wellness Based Horsemanship… It’s no longer just a personal journey. It’s starting to evolve into something more. We’re in the process of developing a business that supports riders to develop wellness for themselves and their horses through the integration of wellness based horsemanship andContinue reading “Moving Forward, New Beginnings”