Love and tumbles with horses. Learning to gather together.

4/29/20 Today out with Hope and Cherish. The grass was green. The sky was beautiful. Clouds rolled in more as we went along. The day was fairly quiet. There was a glad roaring wind–like a toddler flapping branches, saying, “See mommy! Look how much noise! Flying! We’re flying!” While he runs across the tree topsContinue reading “Love and tumbles with horses. Learning to gather together.”

Unwinding Tension and Fear Together, for you and your horse.

4/26/20 Hope was a bit nervous today. It was chilly, windy, grey, and sprinkling off and on. I thought the weather was beautiful. She thought it was a bit cold. I talked to her softly while we went to put her blanket on. Once clothed, she was able to breathe much more deeply. There wereContinue reading “Unwinding Tension and Fear Together, for you and your horse.”

The Path of Confidence: Feeling the Role You Want

The path of confidence is a funny one. I can’t say that it’s been straight, or easy. I wish I had some grand secret to share with all of you, a piece I’ve learned that trumps all others and fixes everything. The truth is, I don’t. For those of you experiencing anxiety, I get it.Continue reading “The Path of Confidence: Feeling the Role You Want”

Take a Breath: Connection through Breathing

After our post and exercise about allowing yourself to breathe through releasing the ribcage somatically the other day, I’d like to add another layer. Taking a breath is both physically and emotionally and mentally restorative. We give ourselves a break for a moment. We relax a little deeper. Each time we breathe deeply, we change the stressContinue reading “Take a Breath: Connection through Breathing”

Search… and REALLY ENJOY.

Karen Rohlf has a concept called “Search and Enjoy”. The idea is that you search… search… search… and then enjoy. When you’re enjoying, you’re doing just that. You’re not telling your horse anything. You’re just enjoying the feeling that you’ve found together. In the beginning, you can search for a while… but as you goContinue reading “Search… and REALLY ENJOY.”

Do what you love and you will be what you love.

Do what you love and you will be what you love. In this picture, I see two beings doing what they love. I see a beautifully imperfect girl and her beautifully imperfect horse. In this photo, I was tight. I had to bend my knees to touch my toes. In this photo, Hope was tight.Continue reading “Do what you love and you will be what you love.”

Simplifying Choices with Heartspace

An initiation of change from a decision. A decision that has rippled out to affect my entire life. Thanks to my mom for capturing this photo and Aimee Brimhall-McCord for creating the space for others to realize their change. Love is gentle. Love is kind. Love involves fluctuation, adaptation, give and take. Love is aContinue reading “Simplifying Choices with Heartspace”

Slowly Developing Consistency and Finding Meaning in Patterns

Consistency has been a theme that has continued to come up for me recently, with instructors, horses, bodywork clients, and in my personal life. Consistency is not just something I didn’t have, it’s something that I was actively fighting for a long time. When I had to enroll in a program that was largely basedContinue reading “Slowly Developing Consistency and Finding Meaning in Patterns”