A Reminder to Breathe: Peggy Cummings and Hanna Somatics Exercises

Monday morning I opened up Peggy Cummings’┬áConnected Riding, An Introduction. The night before while riding Hope I knew that I could use some guidance on moving with her more freely. I opened up to the first exercise–breathing. I appreciated that she approached breathing first, rather than a technical movement. If we aren’t breathing well, andContinue reading “A Reminder to Breathe: Peggy Cummings and Hanna Somatics Exercises”

Using Somatic Movement Exercises for Emotional Healing

During a time that is rather difficult and emotionally rollercoaster-ey for me, I have been forced to find creative and deeply effective ways to self-soothe, ground, and calm. For this, I have found awareness exercises, yoga, meditation, breathing, nature walks, and using mindful imagery have really helped… but there is more that I need. IContinue reading “Using Somatic Movement Exercises for Emotional Healing”