Love and tumbles with horses. Learning to gather together.

4/29/20 Today out with Hope and Cherish. The grass was green. The sky was beautiful. Clouds rolled in more as we went along. The day was fairly quiet. There was a glad roaring wind–like a toddler flapping branches, saying, “See mommy! Look how much noise! Flying! We’re flying!” While he runs across the tree topsContinue reading “Love and tumbles with horses. Learning to gather together.”

Unwinding Tension and Fear Together, for you and your horse.

4/26/20 Hope was a bit nervous today. It was chilly, windy, grey, and sprinkling off and on. I thought the weather was beautiful. She thought it was a bit cold. I talked to her softly while we went to put her blanket on. Once clothed, she was able to breathe much more deeply. There wereContinue reading “Unwinding Tension and Fear Together, for you and your horse.”

Feeling Good Feels Good, Little bit by Little Bit.

Hello, friends. I wanted to start sharing some of the experiences I’m having with horses, mindfulness, and movement. This has been a time of learning and opening creatively for me. Perhaps if I share what I’m experiencing and learning it will help some of you a little along your way, too. I thought if IContinue reading “Feeling Good Feels Good, Little bit by Little Bit.”

Using Groundwork like Bodywork

My mom and I were out with the horses together. I was giving her instructions and demonstrations for the Peggy Cummings’ exercises and then playing with them with Hope. I found that watching my mom use my incomplete directions was extremely helpful. Giving fuller directions, showing her the feel, and showing her how I wouldContinue reading “Using Groundwork like Bodywork”

Finale: Cheek Press, Caterpillar, and the Dressage Arena

It surprised me a bit when Finale waltzed up first to join me. She often lingers back, but I’ve been giving her more love and heartspace recently and I believe she’s feeling it. As I put the bridle on, I let her know how proud of her I was, how special and beautiful she was,Continue reading “Finale: Cheek Press, Caterpillar, and the Dressage Arena”

The Dressage Grid & Creative Structure

Tuesday night I watched a video from Karen Rohlf in her Upward Spiral of Successful Gymnastics Course. The video was on easily setting up a Dressage arena, and practicing thinking about the “Dressage grid”. If you’ve been reading my posts you know that I struggle with the balance between structure/consistency/discipline and creativity/spontaneity/intuitive feel (with my tendency beingContinue reading “The Dressage Grid & Creative Structure”

Cherish Update: Creating New Space for Growth

Yesterday Cherish and I had quite the amazing Liberty session. Much of it was new for us, despite feeling as comfortable as a well-worn glove. With so many new feelings, I’m having a hard time putting all that feel into words. I went out with the intention of just doing my homework around the horses for aContinue reading “Cherish Update: Creating New Space for Growth”

Feeling the Hoof, and Asking the Horse

I am no professional hoof trimmer. I am not amazing at hoof trimming, though I tend to be intuitively as helpful as I can be to horses in that area one day. So I’m learning, and evolving… lots of evolving. I picked up Cherish’s hoof under the light of the stalls in the night. ThoughtsContinue reading “Feeling the Hoof, and Asking the Horse”

Horse Journal Update: Sharing and Connecting

I walked out to the barn in the cool fall morning. It was Halloween, and I had a funny spring in my step because of it. I had brought the Photonic Light with me and was red-lighting my pelvis and back with halter in tow as I walked around the back of the barn. IContinue reading “Horse Journal Update: Sharing and Connecting”