Horse Journal: Releasing Judgment

On All Hallow’s Eve, we always put the horses in the barn for precaution, because their pasture fences come close to the road. It makes us feel better. I took the opportunity to spend some time with them under the lights in the nighttime hours. Everyone was munching. The air was cool. It felt goodContinue reading “Horse Journal: Releasing Judgment”

Horse Journal Update: Hope and Cherish Evening Ride

I’d like to start a horse journal that I share with others. I’m not sure that it will be an everyday thing, or an every-session thing. My hope is that you’ll get to imagine how I spend time with my horses, and also that it might give you an idea for exploring your movement, mindfulness,Continue reading “Horse Journal Update: Hope and Cherish Evening Ride”

Move With Your Horse–Pushing Hands for Horseback Riding

Have you ever practiced “pushing hands”? The exercise is done by placing your palms against the palm of another person. The two of you then begin to move together. You move where you feel an opening, you give where you feel gentle guidance into an opening. You try to create as little brace as possible…Continue reading “Move With Your Horse–Pushing Hands for Horseback Riding”

Horses and Body Listening

Intro: Reason for Writing this Post This post is about a specific area of bodywork that I like to call “Body Listening,” or sometimes just “Listening”. This involves gentle touches and listening to the horse’s body, and also encouraging and guiding the horse to listen to his own body and release tension. I use otherContinue reading “Horses and Body Listening”

Honesty and Softness in Communication

Today, I was playing with both Cherish and Hope free in the pasture. I had a lightweight bamboo stick with me, about 5 1/2 feet long. I used the stick very little. I encourage my horses to communicate with me honestly–I don’t pressure them to stay with me during this type of work, or toContinue reading “Honesty and Softness in Communication”

Love, Openness, Seeking, and Enjoying

Today, I went for a run with Cherish. During the run, I was playing with how I was moving my body, my balance, etc. I found a way of moving that was really balanced and engaged, and really allowed me to “float” across the ground without much effort. I felt like I could stay atContinue reading “Love, Openness, Seeking, and Enjoying”

Find Your Body

A couple of days after the event that inspired the post about “The Most Beautiful and Talented Dressage Pony”, I was out on a trail-walk with Hope a fair ways away from the house. We were enjoying our walk until she heard a sound at one of the nearby construction sites. She began to get panicked–explosive–rather quickly. Rather thanContinue reading “Find Your Body”