The Most Talented, Beautiful Dressage Pony

I’ve been working with my two mares fairly regularly for the past week or so. Before that, I had been messing with them off-and-on and mostly spending undemanding/healing time with them. At first, this was due to school, and then once school was over, due to a pretty upsetting occurrence in another area of myContinue reading “The Most Talented, Beautiful Dressage Pony”

Playing with Positive Reinforcement

For the past few sessions I’ve had with the horses, I’ve been playing with increasing the amount of positive reinforcement I use, and using more aids that are either invisible or almost invisible. If I’m not getting what I’m asking for, I might decrease my idea of 100%, or make it more clear or easierContinue reading “Playing with Positive Reinforcement”

Happy Humans=Happy Horses

(I would like to note that any mathematical equation can be flipped around, i.e., it could also be Happy Horses=Happy Humans and mean the same thing.) This is a very clear lesson that my lovely mares have been teaching me lately. Happiness and love come before softness, before connection, and before energy, and before any ofContinue reading “Happy Humans=Happy Horses”

Bringing the Pieces Together to create a Gift Box

This morning I played with both Hope and Cherish. I found myself bringing pieces together from Karen Rohlf’s Module 2 in the Sweet Spot Course, from past and present things I’m learning from Aimee Brimhall McCord, and from doing things in the moment that just “feel right”. Finding the ground, finding the flow, and finding relaxation,Continue reading “Bringing the Pieces Together to create a Gift Box”

Smell the Roses, Look at the Trees, and eat some Grass along the way.

Today, I audited the first day of another clinic with Aimee Brimhall McCord. I couldn’t help but find myself thinking very forward, very proactively, and with a lot of high level interests and goals in horses, horsemanship, Dressage, bodywork, and wellness. One of the recurring things that comes up when I get to thinking inContinue reading “Smell the Roses, Look at the Trees, and eat some Grass along the way.”

Enjoy the Experimenting

I have started the Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics online course offered by Karen Rohlf with Dressage, Naturally. I didn’t realize when I signed up just how much experimenting would be going on on a daily basis… and wow, is it fun! Now that I’ve been experimenting, I’m finding the path to new experiments. InContinue reading “Enjoy the Experimenting”