Kara’s Continuing Education

Listed here are some of the more influential courses and education I’ve completed. Some of the things that have made the most impact have been the individuals I’ve had the joy of working with and little moments or blips of information… little seeds waiting to be watered.

With the intention of integrative wellness, a horsemanship comment can affect my bodywork practice, or my yoga in the morning can affect my approach to trailering later in the day. It all comes together… I’m always exploring and learning.


Currently enrolled in B.S. for Integrative Health and Wellness.


LMT: Licensed Massage Therapist.

Studied under seasoned bodyworker for past four years, often weekly.

including Ortho-bionomy, Masgutova Neurosensorymotor Reflex Integration Method, myofascial techniques, and other gentle techniques.

Masgutova Neurosensorymotor Reflex Integration Method

Hanna Somatic Movement Education courses

Equine Hanna Somatics clinic with Alissa Mayer

Aimee Brimhall McCord, Inspirational Horsemanship courses

Dressage, Naturally Sweet Spot 6 month course (completed) and Upward Spiral course (exploring)

Jillian Kreinbring Equine Biomechanics Lecture Clinic

Positive Psychology course, UNC Chapel Hill, Barbara Frederickson, PhD

Ortho-bionomy Blue Print for Neural Mapping courses

Masterson Method Beyond Horse Massage weekend clinic

Gentle Equine Bodywork Methods weekend clinics

Intensive lessons with Rayna Granger, student of Leslie Desmond

Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics (multiple clinics, instructor courses)

Ingela Larsson Smith, True Horsemanship through Feel Course

Grew up taking English Equitation, Hunter Jumper, Dressage, and Jumping lessons.

Attended and audited multiple Parelli clinics and went through all Parelli material as a teenager.

Audited many Dressage clinics, always enjoying watching and noticing how rider and horse movement, fluidity, tension, and training practices affected each others’ wellness, including with Luis Lucio, Lauren Barwick, Arthur Kottas, Stephanie Mosley, and others.

Other notable individuals of influence: Svetlana Masgutova, Eleanor Criswell-Hanna, Dr. Karen Hanks, Dr. Friesen, and of course, the horses… the horses are sometimes the greatest teachers.

Avid reading, self-study, and personal exploration in areas of horsemanship, equine movement, human movement, anatomy, bodywork techniques, movement education and movement methods for wellness, lifestyle practices for wellness, positive psychology, functional medicine approaches to wellness and health, nutrition for health and wellness, Masgutova Neurosensorymotor Reflex Integration Method and reflexes, equine hoof care that supports healthy movement, and mindfulness.