Creating Space

I’m creating writing and graphic art with the intention of creating a mind-body, holistic, kind and safe space for Neurodivergent individuals and horses and their partners.

Creating Space

My name is Kara. I’m Autistic with ADHD. I’m queer and non-binary. I’m a writer and graphic artist creating and sharing thought particles and expressing feelings for Neurodivergent people and horses.

I believe we all belong here. I believe in acceptance, in seeing each other, and in healing through being seen, heard, and having freedom of expression. I believe in creating space for myself, and for others. I believe in gentleness and empathy with horses, and taking an approach that lets them have a voice. I believe that being Autistic, ADHD, and Neurodivergent is beautiful and amazing, just like being Neurotypical is–it’s just a different way of processing and existing in this big grand Universe.

I’m here to talk about lighthearted things and tough things. I’m here to write things that bring your soul peace and make you think. I’m here to create art that melts your barriers and brings you a sense of freedom. And, I’m here to exist, as me.

This is a space for my writing and art portfolio, but it’s also a space for me, and for you, to be. Thank you for being here. I hope you enjoy existing with me, and I hope you share with me your piece of experience, too.

Safe & Accessible Space

If you couldn’t tell from the last bit, I’m committed to designing a safe and accessible space for everyone. If you don’t feel safe here, or you don’t feel that it’s accessible to you, please let me know. I’m here for you. I’m happy to listen.