Wellness Based Horsemanship

Wellness Based Horsemanship is an integrative approach to wellness for you and your horse. We want to help you and your horse develop your own version of wellness, freedom, and happiness. Want to know more about Wellness Based Horsemanship? Visit our About Page and our Start Here Page.

At the moment, Brita and Kara are each offering their individual services.

If you’re stuck in your body, most likely the “stuckness” will show up somewhere in your mind, your emotions, and/or in the way you experience life. Some riders approach bodywork with the goal of releasing pain for themselves, some increasing performance for their horses, some seek more relaxation, and some seek overall mind-body wellness and openness for both themselves and their horses. Either way, it’s Kara’s goal to help you find openness in your body and feel that you have expanded possibilities. You can learn more about her work on her Bodywork page, or contact her here.

Growth coaching helps your explore your expanded possibilities in the direction you choose. Brita can help you grow in your life, your horsemanship, your relationships, and your partnership with your horse in a way that is most meaningful to you as an individual. To learn more, visit her Growth Coaching page.

There are some things we’re still developing in Wellness Based Horsemanship–the Horsemanship practices and the Movement Flows. To learn a bit about what’s in store, please click on those links.

We’ll be sharing our progress, ideas, questions, explorations, and sneak-peaks for developing material on the blog. Want to know more? Visit the blog!