What is a session like?

Held at the farm or at your home.

All sessions include a full postural, fascial, and mobility assessment, integrative bodywork techniques, movement therapy, and homework exercises so you can continue to build on improvement made in the session. To learn more about the specific techniques that I use, please visit the Modalities page.

If you’re the kind of person who likes notes, I offer written notes for exercises and suggestions so that you can follow along–because I know we all need a little reminder sometimes.

Sessions last an hour and a half to two hours to allow for time for all of the good stuff I incorporate to make sure that you are supported to get better and better over time! To reflect time and value increases, standard sessions are $100.

Rider Sessions

The sessions are done fully clothed on a massage table. Bolsters are available to ensure comfort. I always start with a full assessment and check-in. You will be an active participant in your session, noticing sensations and gently, slowly moving throughout the session. Additional bodywork tools can be used to facilitate awareness and gentle releasing. Part of the session may be done seated, standing, or moving, to promote awareness and shifting of movement patterns.

Horse Sessions

I do everything I can to make sure the horse is happy and relaxed. I wait for the horse to welcome me into their space. I do not do anything the horse is uncomfortable with, and always put their needs first. Horses are highly sensitive and are often quick to engage in the work with me, communicating their needs and helping to release tension. I typically work in a smaller enclosed area separate from other horses. I keep a halter and lead attached for safety and communication, but allow the horse to move about as they choose. All of this is not only helpful, but essential for the horse to relax the long-held patterns of tension in his or her body. In order to let go, first, they have to trust… In order to do that, I have to create a safe space where they can breathe and know that I am only here to help.